Dr. V. Uma Maheshwari (Assistant Professor)
St. Antony’s College of Arts and Science for Women, Dindigul, TN.


This study made an attempt to investigate the socio economic status of women entrepreneurs in Dindigul District. In order to achieve the aforesaid objective data was gathered from primary sources i.e. structured questionnaire and secondary data was collected from research papers, Journals etc. Data was collected from 50 women entrepreneurs in Dindigul district and simple statistical tools are used for the data analysis. From the present study it is identified the major problems faced by women entrepreneurs in Dindigul district. Financial constraint, Inadequate Institutional support, Problems in Marketing, Social Attitude, Non-availability of good workers/employees are the five constraints faced by women entrepreneurs in Dindigul district to carry out their entrepreneurial activity in efficient and effective manner. To overcome the above mentioned limitations it is suggested that, the financial institutions should take steps to facilitate easy availability of credit to encourage the women entrepreneurs and Government should also think over to solve the problems faced by women entrepreneurs.