Wireless Remote Monitoring of Steam Trapping in Industrial Environment


G.Shanmugaraj, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Velammal Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


In the vast majority of the cycle businesses, high pressing factor steam is used for power age. The steam is created in the boilers and moved through pipelines to the cycle plants. During their movement, misfortune may happen because of loss of pressing factor, protection disappointment of the line lines, and loss of temperature. These are known as steam network misfortunes. This decreases steam proficiency and subsequently, the nature of steam gets diminished at the less than desirable end. Steam Traps are programmed valves intended to eliminate condensate from steam lines and accordingly forestall steam misfortune by catching the steam. Along these lines, an effective and appropriate steam trap can decrease steam misfortune and thus increment the steam effectiveness and quality. The venture is pointed of steam traps observing with stream sensor in the business through. Our snare observing framework additionally has temperature and gas sensors for adjusting those levels in the line and updates it to IoT. These outcomes are energy safeguarding and an unblemished thrived climate.