White collar crime in the medical field: A study in India and International perspective


Shashank Sehdev
Law College Dehradun , Uttaranchal University , Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.


Public outcry can be seen these days, specially, against the socio-economic offences (likes- food adulteration, wide spread corruption, huge scams of billions of rupees and unaccounted black money of the few people stashed in foreign banks etc). India has become a fertile land for the corruption. New scam is coming to light every day. News papers and news channels are full of the stories related to the corruption in high ranked officials. The representatives of the people and the ministers in the state and the central Governments are involved in the huge scams. The reasons for the failure of the governments to check corruption is, therefore, not far to seek. Whatever attempts are made of the investigation, it appears, they are made half-heartedly and to cover up the scams.