To study awareness of green environment and eco friendly products on consumers in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh


Nishabh Shukla, BITM, Sri Balaji University, Pune.


This study is done to find out awareness regarding green marketing and ecofriendly product and to know whether gender wise they possess same awareness or not. Because of global warming and climatic changes companies ,In today’s scenario companies are spending huge amount of money in developing sustainable products .It is very necessary to know what consumers think about sustainability in current scenario. If some consumers are not aware about it why they are not. The current study concluded that Consumers in Jabalpur are aware regarding green marketing and ecofriendly product but gender wise males are more aware in comparison to females. Also according to consumers ecofriendly products are not well promoted and also not accessible in markets. So it’s a big challenge for marketers to come out with campaign that can attract consumers.