Teaching Interest of High School Teachers in Tiruvannamalai District


R. Raja & Dr. PC. Naga Subramani (Associate Professor), Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Teaching is a systematically and rationalized process for transformation of skills, attitude and knowledge based on principles of professionalism. Interest of teachers in teaching is playing an important role in development of school students and themselves in order to attain the goals of education and development of nation. The findings reveals that significant difference exits amid interest of high school teachers in teaching and their profile excluding education and type of institution. Interest in teaching of high school teachers is positively, significantly and highly related with their motivational teaching strategies. Therefore, high school teachers should improve their passion, ambition and efforts that will influence their interest in teaching. High school teachers must enhance their interest in teaching through adequate and appropriate trainings. Further, high school teachers should also be fully involved and committed in order to increase their interest in teaching by adopting various effective motivational teaching strategies.