“Shivaji is the last constructive genius and a nation builder that the Hindu races produced” discuss this view


Dr. Lekshmy P.L. (Assistant Professor & HOD)
Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Calicut University, Kerala.


Shivaji was not only a brave solider, but also a most capable organizer and ruler. The administrative modernization Shivaji introduced was aimed at the improvement of the existing administrative system and also for the all round progress of the Maratha People. To save the nation from outside attacks was also included in his administrative objectives. The Marathas were brave and desirous of freedom. They loved their mother land and religion. Because of this, they have not wasted any opportunities suitable for their growth. In fact the rise and growth of the Maratha power has not happened accidently. They rose naturally by the mutual influence of certain decisive powers acted lively in the political social cultural life of India for centuries. The Marathas were having many concessions available from nature. The attackers were not easily allowed to conquer this region of land because of array of Sahyadri from north to south and from east to west by Satpura- Vindhya array of mountains. Not only that, people of this area were blessed with perfect climate, and were rich with qualities like simplicity, steady enthusiasm, perseverance, thrift, habit of self dependence, patriotism, courage etc. The reason for this was that this region filled with mountains was comparatively infertile