Session Timeout Mechanism in Learning Management System – Case Study


Sahana S, Research Scholar & Karthick Anand Babu A.B, Assistant Professor & Research Supervisor
Tamil University, Thanjavur, India.


Rapid development occurs in the education sector, although this pandemic situation requires us to use the technology of the ubiquitous learning concept. In this learning technology, as an extension of the growth of electronic learning (e-learning) and mobile learning (m-learning) offers more than just the latest educational ideas or methods. Internet and intelligent devices era, unrestricted access to on-line references, learning materials and archives are available. These millennial learners are intelligent learners, accessible 24 hours a day. The existence of digital education platforms in higher education institutions was vital to maintaining the learning activities of millions of students around the world. In this study, we sought to evaluate the changes that occurred in the teaching-learning process during the pandemic COVID-19, and what was the perception of Tamil University students and professors regarding learning and how it was implemented. This paper seeks to elaborate on the session handling concept used in the top most LMS platform of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) software tool for developing security and usability in the Institute of Tamil University, Thanjavur. This type of solution is essential during this time where social distancing and lockdown protocols are in place.