Self-Reliant India


Subrata Sarkar, Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy Burdwan Raj College The University of Burdwan.


The present government hankers after strong creation on its own feet to make its fruitful implementation the government stressed on self-reliance. It announced the strong five (5) aspects on which India ‘s everything will depend. The five (5 )great aspects are described here as technology, infrastructure, ecosystem, proper demography and demand. It is hoped to be occupied the unique position in the world from all aspects with the aforementioned five (5) ways. These five (5) walls or in other words pillars already started to grab the markets for fulfilling its aim. Here it is a important to note that there is not place of self centric emotion but only self reliance. The government attributed an importance on stakeholder’s capacity to make it a grand one. In this sphere local manufacturing and local products with universal touch must be appreciated. Through this grand initiative the local products will be flourished internationally. It is truth that this unique initiative has been coined amids great crisis and this crisis fight all of us to quench our thirst with our own water under our own soil. We should stress our own talent, proficiency and diligence. We should realise the importance of local products in local markets. And it is possible without any doubt through strong local supply chains. All types of local markets demand must be met positively amids this crisis era which is still sustained. The great leaders of our the country have pleaded for local products and local markets which gradually make our India self reliant .The present government leads our India moving for world smoothly, gradually the countrymen will enjoy equal opportunities, education for all, medical facilities for all. Scientific, technological, social , political, economic growth etc. will be realised very soon.