Sankaradeva’s Sattriya Dance: An Analytical Study


Ranjan Dutta, Research Scholar
Department of Assamese, Cotton University, Guwahati (Assam) 


Sattriya Dance is a major Indian classical dance. The dance form was introduced in the 15th century AD by Saint Sankardeva to propogate vishavism. It derives its name from the Vaishnava monastries known as sattras, where it was known as sattras, where it was nurtured and preserved for centuries. It is popularly known as “Satriya Nrittya”(Satriya Dance) Sankardeva system atized and sorted the dance forms using the ancient texts and also introduced drama through expressive dance as a form of religious art for ultimate devotion to lord Krishna.Sattriya is largely the result of the indignious and sastrick (classical) elements which influenced and impressed the saint to make this dance-Art form.