Role of Cobalamin in treating Pernicious Anemia


Shashi Tripathi, Research Scholar, DrKirti Joshi, Assistant Professor, Priyanka Bansal, Research Scholar
JayotiVidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur.


Pernicious anemia (PA) which is also known as Biermer’s disease is a type of disorder caused by deficiency of cobalamin (vitamin B12) and is also responsible for removal of myelin sheath at neurological sites. It’s a very fatal disease if not diagnosed early may get other body systems malfunctioning. Its diagnosis must therefore be evoked and considered in the presence of neurological and hematological manifestations of undetermined origin. Biologically, it is characterized by the presence of anti-intrinsic factor antibodies. Its also seen that its most prominent in > 30 years of age and is also found in 4-28 months infants causing another type of megaloblastic pernicious anemia there. As along with treatment a daily intake of B12 rich food supplements can play a vital role in reducing a risk of PA to some extent. As vitamin B12 can help repairing the myelin sheath which reduces the neurological disorders related with pernicious anemia. In the present scenario we are updating with most of the facts and role of vitamin B12 in treating pernicious anemia.