RFID based Shopping Cart with Web App


K. A. Khedikar (Assistant Professor), Aditya Dhopade, Deepak Awal, Lokesh Alli & Swapnil Gade
Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur.


In recent years, Manufacturers are developing products that ensure comfort for all people. One of a trait that is evolved will be providing them with a trouble-free shopping experience. In Online shopping Experience, we cannot tactile the essence of the product but the people can get the tactility of the product and can manually compare it with other brands in a shopping mall. When shopping in a mall, customers are unaware of the total bill amount till the end of shopping. Also, customers don’t have any idea of the location of a product. For a single product purchase, customers are required to wait in a long queue at the billing counter. These problems can be tackled by adopting new technologies. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and web application are the primary technologies used for designing our system. The shopping cart is integrated with Raspberry Pi and RFID hardware module which recognizes the RFID tags attached to products. The RFID reader interfaced with Raspberry pi scans ID stored in a tag and displays the information of the product fetched from database into the web app with its amount. The web app can be run on any browser on smart phones or on portable devices. Along with this, sections of the products are displayed on the basis of their order of sorting in a mall. The in-app wallet is used for payment of the bill. We have used RFID technology to implement the project.