Review of Design of Multiband Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications


Reena Hiware, Prof. Ashish Zanjade & Prof. Pankaj Salunkhe
Mumbai University, Maharashtra, India.


This paper presents the design of a low-profile multiband patch antenna. The antenna can be used for various combinations of wireless applications such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G and UWB within a microwave L, S, C, and X frequency bands in Electromagnetic Spectrum. This work deals with the design of an antenna which can be used for most of the wireless applications. A frequency reconfigurable multiband microstrip patch antenna is designed with microstrip feeding technique. The reconfigurable antenna is designed with one square patch and U-shape slot is inserted inside the patch, in order to get multiband. Pin diode is used for various applications. By changing the status of the diode, the antenna can be designed for various frequencies. The antenna has been designed and simulated using Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) EM simulator. This antenna gives low return loss at all operating frequencies.