Brundaban Panda, Dr. P. Rama Krishna Gupta & Dr. Manabhanjan Sahu – Assistant Professors, GIETU, Odisha, India.

Dr. Uman Shankar Prasad Patra (Reader), Semiliguda College, Odisha, India.


Corporate Social Responsibility practices concentrate on a variety of problems including education, health, human rights and safety etc. CSR moreover covers environmental sustainability, corporate governance, working conditions and economic development. CSR is also concerned about society and its social progress and environmental development. The researcher here concentrates on the CSR practices of the Alumina Company in India, in specific to NALCO. The secondary source of data is mainly used for this research work are collected from the literature, printing materials, Journals, research papers and web site of NALCO. Besides the profit as the business goal, it is also the responsibility of the corporate sectors for public and the community for their quality life, economic status and development. Pyramid of CSR is a simple framework which helps to find out why and how the social responsibilities should meet by the organizations. The general assumption as per the Carroll’s pyramid speaks about the hierarchy of CSR is Economic, Legal, Ethical and philanthropic from bottom to top. The paper concludes that based on Carroll’s pyramid of four major practices. NALCO is concentrating on most of the activities as a Philanthropic Responsibility followed by Economic, Ethical and at last Legal Responsibilities.