‘Pros and Cons’ of COVID-19 Pandemicwith reference to Reproduction Factor, Mortality and Vaccination Program in India


Department of Zoology, MKS College, Chandauna, Darbhanga-847303, India.


Coronavirus has spread to 192 countries. So far the mortality rate, it depends on reproductive number which is a way of rating coronavirus or any disease’s ability to spread. R is the number of people that one infected person will pass on a virus to, on average and collectively called as reproduction factor(RF).This means, on average, one person will spread coronavirus to 15 others. Coronavirus, would have a reproduction number of about three if no action was taken to stop it spreading as seen during wave-2 specially in comparison to wave-1.The reproduction rate seriously corroborated the mortality rate in India particularly in the wave-2. There are many reasons behind this including ignorance of WHO guidelines too in various ways.The paper advocates at a glance knowledge on such reasons and ‘Pros and Cons’ for reproductive factors (RF) and high mortality including vaccination programein India during covid pandemic.