Promising transparent conducting oxides for plasmonic applications in both IR and NIR wavelength region


Sukla Rajak
Dept. Physics, M.U.C. Women’s College, Burdwan.


Transparent conducting oxides become the promising alternative material to the conventional metals in the application of plasmonic materials in NIR and telecommunication frequency region. The optical and electric properties of TCOs have been explored for the study of plasmonic and MM devices as substitute to metals. Heavily dopped Transparent conducting oxides have the optical and electrical properties suitable for this application in this optical range based on surface Plasmon resonance. Surface Plasmon resonance is mostly depending on the thickness of the TCO material and the angle of incidence of the incident exciting electromagnetic light.This study aims to report the study of transparent conducting oxides, namely ITO for the propagation of surface plasmon polariton wave with several thickness and angle of incidence, supported by MATLAB simulations.