Project Management Tracking Application: Application Software Requirements


Rajat Tiwari, Software Engineer
ZS Associates, Pune.


A Project Management Tracking Application is a conveyed application that has been created to keep up the subtleties of the advantages and related data with respect to it in any association Prior to this application, there wasn’t a platform with the help of which the organization can assess its employees, the organization was unfamiliar with the learning and Understanding of the employee, time to time the organization conducts workshops and provides necessary training to its employees but it didn’t have a unified platform to assess the effectiveness of these workshops and training. This problem was solved by the custom application titled Assessment System, which will be used by the company to conduct intro-organization assessment. The interns report contains content that explains my experience at the company. It also contains detailed description of the application and about the Technology Stack used for development of the application. Functions like creating Questions, Tags, scheduling Quizzes, taking assessments, viewings detailed reports and many related functionalities are triggered by this application with a good user-interf