Phytochemical and Pharmacognostic Studies on Limonia acidissima L.


Dipa Chauhan
Department of Biology, C. U. Shah Science College, Ashram Road, Near Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Income Tax Circle, Ahmedabad 380014, India.

Mammen Daniel
Dr. Daniel’s Laboratories, Manjalpur, Vadodara, 390011, India.


The fruit of Limonia acidissima L. is an important nutraceutical of India, widely used in rural areas. Very little data are available on the chemical constituents and absolutely nothing is known on the pharmacognosy of the fruits. The present study revealed the presence of flavonoids like kaempferol, catechin and proanthocyanins and phenolic acids such as m-coumaric, ferulic, vanillic and syringic acids as the new phytochemicals discovered. The pharmacognostic data made available are different types of sclereids, glandular cells, sclerified characteristic fibres of testa and tracheids. Seeds are found to be comose.