Online System for Monitoring Water Quality, Contamination, and Managing Pipeline Network


Rohan Ranganath Vamshi Guraja & Gaurav Sharma
CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad-501510, India.


From top nations like the USA to developing nations like India, drinking water is an important need for people of all the countries. With such universal necessity, distribution of drinking water has not been streamlined. With the present manual techniques to prevent leaks, contamination, and managing pipeline network there are lots of inefficiencies in the system which leads to wastage of water. To prevent this wastage of water and to make a better system which not only prevents leaks in the pipeline but also detects water contamination and helps the authorities manage the pipelines better an IoT based system is proposed. The proposed system provides a complete solution for a city’s drinking water pipeline needs. The proposed system can save on manpower and money for the government. The proposed system is self sufficient in power and batteries do not need to be manually charged as it uses a dynamo setup for charging the by converting the kinetic energy into electrical energy.