nvestigation of Pedestrian Accidents and Primary Impact of Injury in Sub-Himalayan Area of Himachal Pradesh


Shama Patyal, Radio-technologist
at Govt. Hospital Nadaun Hamirpur (HP)

Dr. Deepak Thakur, Junior Registrar
Forensic Medicine at Dr. RKGMC Medical College Hamirpur (HP) 

Dr. Sanjay Chandel, Assistant Professor
Forensic Medicine at Dr. RKGMC Medical College Hamirpur (HP) 


Traffic related pedestrian injuries are a growing public health threat all over the world. When a vehicle strikes with any individual it causes injury. Severity of the injury depends upon the force of collision between the two. The shape and size of different vehicles are different so the impact of injury will be different. The findings of this study are mostly confined to hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh. The findings of this study show maximum number of pedestrian RTA (road side accidents) are not on weekends in contrary of earlier studies. On studying the impact from the body of victim we can tell the type of vehicle. It has great importance in forensic science and for the investigating team of the accident. It will ease the work of investigating officer and the forensic examiner. The present study will help in improving the knowledge of injury according to the impact. This study helps in understanding the cause of accidents and different preventing measures to avoid accidents. Senior citizens are mostly affected in pedestrian injury in our study. According to union transport ministry 62 pedestrian die daily in India.