Neutrosophic Bipolar Vague Line Graph


P. Chitra Devi, PG & Research
Department of Mathematics, Mannar Thirumali Naicker College, Madurai-625 004, Tamil Nadu, India.

P. Anitha , PG & Research
Department of Mathematics, H.K.R.H. College, Uthamapalayam, Theni-625 533, Tamil Nadu, India. 


Neutrosophic vague graphs are employed as a mathematical key to hold an imprecise and unspecified data. Vague sets gives more intuitive graphical notation of vague information, that delicates crucially better analysis in data relationships, incompleteness and similarity measures. In this paper, the neutrosophic bipolar vague line graphs are introduced. The necessary and sufficient condition for a line graph to be neutrosophic bipolar vague line graph is provided. Further, homomorphism, weak vertex and weak line isomorphism are discussed. The given results are illustrated with suitable example.