Senthil Kumar M, Associate Professor
CSE, SRM Valliammai Engineering College.

Chidhambararajan B, Principal
SRM Valliammai Engineering College.

Rajakumar M, RaghavanandhanN, Sivaram S
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Valliammai Engineering College.


Blindness is a lack of vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lens. Visually impaired people face lots of problems including navigation from one place to another. The aim of this system(project) is to produce an Artificial Human Companion. In this system we introduced a eyeglass (SMART VISION) which includes webcam, used to capture a live video (Frames) of the present location of the blind people and it is used to identify the object. Here we plan to use the ultrasonic sensor, mems sensor and moisture sensor which are fixed to a shoe (SMART SHOE) to identify the obstacles, pitfalls, path holes, slippery water, and water stagnant. These two modules help us in detecting various obstacles and convey it as a voice over an earphone. As a part to this system, we introduced a communicating model called SMART TOUCH which is used by Blind – Dumb people to communicate with normal people. This overall outcome of this proposed system is to build a user – friendly device which help these people (Blind and Dumb) to interact with the environment.