Sneha K
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Valliammai Engineering College.

Senthil Kumar M, Associate Professor/CSE
SRM Valliammai Engineering College.

Chidhambararajan B, Principal, RajaKumar M 
SRM Valliammai Engineering College. 


We are in the world of internet where we use more technology for the development, so called as developing nation. We use more technical fields for the development of various fields. Nowadays, technology is even used in the field of agriculture for more production, due to the inefficient rainfall, drastic change of the environment and also due to the spreading of unknown diseases. Internet of Things(IoT) plays a major role in smart agriculture as managing the crops, resources, cost, quality and quantity of production and so on. In this we are aiming to give the details of the farming methods and its maintenance methods using the wireless communication method.