Diversity of Genus Hypoxylon (Hypoxylaceae,Xylariales) from Chikkamagaluru District,Karnataka, India


Himani S, Vinu K & Krishnappa M
Department of studies and Research in Applied Botany, School of Biological sciences, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta , Karnataka, India.


The present paper deals with a partial survey of Hypoxylon species collected from forest regions of Balehonnur, Chikkamagaluru District, Karnataka, India. Exploration of Hypoxylon species was done in 2020. Six species, Hypoxylon cinnabarinum, Hypoxylon fendleri, Hypoxylon haematostroma Hypoxylon lenormandii, Hypoxylon rickii, and Hypoxylon subgilvum have been recorded. Amomg them Hypoxylon lenormandii and Hypoxylon subgilvum are new records in India. This paper presents detailed descriptions of all six species with illustrations