Importance of MVCframework in Web Developments


Harshith. K, Kandukuri Vineethkumar Gowd
Student,Department of Computer Science and Engineering, R V college of Engineering,Karnataka.


n this current competitive world developers design User Interface using MVC framework to get the user-friendly interface because of 3 interconnected parts in MVC. The main purpose of separating this interconnected part is to separate the internal depictions of the important information that are shown and used by the user. By the decoupling of the important components, the developer can reuse the code that helps to work side by side for the development of the project. The three layers of MVC framework are Models, Views and controllers This paper briefly explains the comparison with the famous three tier framework, a famous web-based platform MVC, advantages and disadvantag.s of the MVC framework, and future technologies that can replace the MVC framework in the web development applications. This paper briefly explains about the models, views and controllers of the MVC model with their main functionalities in the development of the web applications