Human Rights issues in India focusing North-East


Md. Asif Nurjaman, Au Silchar Assam, India.


Human Rights are a very inclusive term. The term includes all the rights which need a human being to survive in dignity and worth. The trajectory of the same got a concrete shape after the formation of the United Nations Organizations (UNO) and its subsequent adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th Dec. 1948. This Declaration has had a great impact on the constitution makers and legislators of India and its subsequent insertion of rights in the Preamble, Fundamental Rights, and Directive Principles of State Policy. It also led to the formation of National Human Rights Commission by a Parliamentary Act in 1993 and State Human Rights Commission too. Like every parts of the globe there is intense measure of Human Rights Violation in India Particularly in Assam. Therefore, along with the international community India particularly Assam is trying to tackle this burning issue by applying Constitutional, administrative and legal measures. Since the issue is global we need to work along with the world community in cohesive and coordinate manner to establish a humane society with the motto of “Live, Let to Live.” This paper focuses on how human rights have been violated in different areas by both the state and non-state machineries including human rights violation of religious minorities.