“Equal pay for Equal work” is not just a Slogan: it’s a Constitutional Mandate; An analysis


Dr. Dulumoni Nath, Assistant Professor
Tezpur Law College, Assam.


Gender equality is an important factor in determining a country’s overall development and growth. A nation can progress & attain its peak of development only when both men and women are entitled to equal opportunities and honour. But unfortunately, women of our society are often cornered and restrained from getting equal rights as men to health, education, administration, decision-making and economic independence in terms of remuneration as well as wages. Discrimination and inequality against women continues from ancient age till date. On the one hand we promote “Right to Equality”, “Gender Equality”, at the same time inequality and violence against women increases tremendously. Numerous laws were being enacted by legislature for the better protection and promotion of women, but due to non implementation properly of the laws by concerned agencies, everything spoils. Our Law of the Land i.e. Constitution of India envisages many provisions for protection and women empowerment.