Environmental Awareness Among the In-Service Teachers in West Bengal


Subhasish Goswami, David Hare Training College, Kolkata – 700005, West Bengal, India.


he term ‘environment’ is widely used and has a broad range of definitions, meanings and interpretations. The environment is anythingoutside an organism in which the organismlives. It can be a geographical region, a climaticcondition, a pollutant or the noiseswhich surround an organism. The human environment includes the country or regionor town or house or room in which a personlives. And Environmental awareness means, “The growth and development of awareness, understanding and consciousness toward the biophysical environment and its problems, including human interactions and effects.” The present paper deals with what is environmental awareness and how does it affect the InService teachers of West Bengal, their limitations and delimitation which might led to the development of an environmental consciousness regarding the planet’s ecosystems problems, as well as actions aimed at promoting environmental corrective actions to reverse the degradation process.