Enhanced Customer Engagement through Social Media Marketing


Dr. Sabina Sethi, Associate Professor
Delhi University


Digital technologies have enabled a new form of value creation. Social media marketing is one of the key forms of digital marketing. It employs various social media channels to engage with target audiences and followers; seeks out industry influencers, posts fresh and unique content and adopts a variety of means to grab audience attention. Due to its wide reach, social media opens up a wide horizon for business, and changes the ways by which businesses were conducted traditionally. Social media sites provide a medium for dynamic two-way communication. The way goods and services are promoted and marketed to consumers has dramatically changed due to these online marketing platforms. With approximately 4.33 billion active internet users worldwide, brands have a legitimate reason to include online marketing in their business communication strategies. It has become important for businesses to augment their social media presence. Social media marketing requires both strategy and creativity. This article looks at various social media platforms and how businesses can leverage the same as effective marketing tools to build customer relationship and augment sales.