Effect of Quick Footwork Drills on Footwork and Quickness among Soccer Players


Arumugam S (Assistant Professor) & Suriya P
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Abishekapatti, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India – 627012

Vigneshwaran G (Teaching Assistant)
Tamilnadu Agricultural University (AC&RI), Kudumiyanmalai, Pudukottai, Tamilnadu, India – 622104

Kumar V (Assistant Professor)
S. S. Duraisamy Nadar Mariammal College, Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, India – 628501


This investigation post exercise consumption should improve the footwork and quickness among the young soccer players due to the effect of quick footwork drills programme. The main purpose of this study was to determine whether quick footwork drills programme was more efficacious for improving footwork and quickness in young players and to examine the difference between changes in footwork and quickness among intervention and control groups. Twenty four male soccer players were voluntarily participated from Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India. A total of 24 active male soccer players aged 23.16 ± 1.52 years and having a BMI of 24.57 ± 1.01 were assigned to one of the two groups as quick footwork drills programme (Intervention group) and control (Control group). The training period continued for four days a week for eight weeks period. The initial and the final value of footwork and quickness were measured by Quick feet test and 3-Cone Shuttle Drill Test (L-Drill) and unit of measurement was in seconds. The intervention groups met four days per week for eight weeks of training programme and control group maintained their usual day to day activity during the course of this study. The data was collected during the year of 2019. The collected data was analysed by using paired sample t-test and analysis of covariance at the level of significance 0.05. Quick footwork drills training seems to be an appropriate training tool to enhance the footwork and quickness among the young soccer players. At the end of the training programme, there was a significant difference existed between intervention and control groups on footwork and quickness due to the effect of quick footwork drill programme. However, there was significant improvement occurs on footwork and quickness was found in intervention groups at level of significance (p < 0.05). The results suggest that our eight week of Quick footwork drills must improve both the footwork and quickness among male soccer players.