Determinants Influencing the Growth of MSMEs Women Entrepreneurs in India


Seema Gupta, Professor
Amity College of Commerce and Management, Amity University, Noida.

Sudhir. K. Jain, Former Vice-Chancellor and Adjunct Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Vijeta Singh, Assistant Professor
MIT World Peace University, School of Management PG, Pune, India.


The women entrepreneurs belonging to the micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) constitute an integral role in bridging the socio-economic disparity and rapid growth of the Indian economy. However, Covid-19 seems to have adversely impacted the operations, functioning, market, supply chain management and constrained finance in thesizable numberenterprises belonging to the MSMEs. These change agents who were facing many challenges for their sustainability, growth and existence, eventually landed in the problem of survival and endurance. Therefore, they are exploring the new solutionsto cope up with the situation. This paper is an attempt in exploring the factors that have impacted to the growth of women MSMEs entrepreneursover the years including the Covid-19period.Further, the paper provides a conceptual base in exploring the issues that have affected the growth and existence of women MSMEs entrepreneurs by using extant literature of 70 papers.It has been found that Covid-19 has adversely affected the survival, sustainability, operational growth of several women-owned MSMEs, particularly to the budding women entrepreneurs. Inter-alia, many of the women entrepreneurs have opted innovative marketing techniques, used e-commerce and e-platform as a deriving force for the visibility and survival of their business.