Design and Implementation of Accident Alert System using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology


Kavin.D, ArunVenkat.A, Mugunthanv.A, MohamedEbrahimFaizal.S & Bharath.S, Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore.


In the Modern world, the frequency of the road accidents has been increasing exponentially. India accounts for 1.5 people killed and more than 4.5 crippled annually which is the highest number of accidents globally. In a day around 1214 accidents happens across India in which 25% accounts for two-wheelers. In short six two-wheelers die every hour. For Four Wheelers there are lot of technologies and support systems that could be used for protection of the persons in it like air-bags but for two wheeler nothing so far. Accident alert system aims to sends out location of the accident zone to the nearby help center so that ambulance. The system includes Vibration sensor, Heart beat rate sensor and Bluetooth module. The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with mobile which in turn sends out the location to respective health care center.