Conceptual Framework for Fault Detection and Fault Location in Overhead Power Transmission Lines


Manashwita Singh, IIIT Bhubneshwar, Odisha, India.


The electricity has been distributed from one place to other through overhead transmission lines. It has been commonly used method since very long time. The faults may creep in at any point and at any time. Electricity comes under the essential services and therefore the faults or failures must be treated as critical issues. The most important part of addressing the issue is to find position and location of the fault so that speedy and accurate recovery is ensured. Traditionally the human interface has been there to find the faults and failures in the transmission lines nonetheless the technology may save substantial time and ensure effective utilization of the resources. One of the objectives of the paper is to find certain viable and implementable yet powerful strategies for detection of the faults and failures in the power transmission.