Co-relation as well as connexion between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction.


Sandeep Singh Chib (Associate Professor), School of Business, Chandigarh University.

Manoj Kumar (Assistant Professor), IEC University, Baddi, HP.


There is no industry, which can work efficiently without considering customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is customer’s reaction to the state of satisfaction and their judgment of own satisfaction level. In today’s competitive world, Service Quality has become one of the most strategic tools for measuring customer satisfaction. Hence, this paper aims at analyzing the customer satisfaction level related to KFC and McDonald. It aims at knowing which of the companies (KFC or McDonald) is doing better in terms of service quality and to know which of the companies (KFC or McDonald) is having more overall customer satisfaction. The researchers have used self-administeredquestionnaire, which is having two sections. First section comprises of statements related to customer satisfaction, derived from Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ-8, C. Cilfford Attkisson 1979) and American Satisfaction Customer Index (ASCI, University of Michigan 1944). The second section comprises of statements related to service quality, derived from SERVQUAL statements to collect primary data. The investigator has used ANOVA (Univariate), Descriptive Statistics, correlation and regression, KMO and Bartlett Test and Factor Analysis in order to achieve the research objective. The study reveals thatKFC was having better service quality and overall customer satisfaction as compared to McDonald. This paper offers some suggestions for adoption of customer satisfaction techniques pertaining to Fast food Industry. Finally, scope for further research and limitations of this study are also spelt out concisely.