Changes in Consumer Shopping Behavior – A Post Pandemic (Covid-19) Scenario


Amit Kumar Sen, Utkal University.


The whole world is facing new pandemic altogether which is Covid-19 or Novel Corona virus. This Pandemic has ravaged the economies of the many countries. Almost one third of the world population was locked behind doors and many more were forced to live restricted lifestyle. It had been almost more than 10 months since the first case of this virus had been found in China. These months has changed the outlook of humans towards life. Many lives have been lost in the fight against this virus. And we are still fighting this war till the formulation of vaccine. Humans will win this war against this virus because only humans have the power of adapt and change. Changed attitude is needed to fight this virus. In India 1.3 billion people were also under restrictions. Restricted living is the new normal today. Those days of lockdown will influence the behavior of consumer. So, in this paper we have tried to find the effect of Covid-19 on Consumer behavior after lockdown. Does awareness about Covid-19 will change their behavior or not. In our paper we have deconstructed consumer behavior into 6 construct according to the present situation which are proactive health minded buying, health management, rational pantry preparation, digitization, restricted lifestyle, living a new normal life. These constructs are tested through survey method. Results show that Covid-19 positively influenced Health Minded Buying and Rational Pantry Preparation. Health management is partially affected by Covid-19. Hygiene and health will be new norm after lockdown. This paper is based on primary data. Data has been collected through survey method and Correlation has been used to define relationship between variables.