Assamese Popular Folktale Buri Air Xaadhu’s Poetic Lines: an Analysis


Tutumoni Das, Gauhati University, Assam, India.


A folktale is a story that has been passed from person to person. It can be used to refer traditional beliefs, myths, tales and practices of a people. In ancient times, people used folktales for their entertainment. It is very important among the society due to its power to influence person’s perception, attitude, and behavior to human’s life as well as the society. So folktales are very important element for our society. As folktale Buri Air Xaadhu play an important role in Assamese literature. When we talk about folktale, only Buri Air Xaadhu comes to our mind. Buri Air Xaadhu is full of poetic dialogue or lines. The poetic lines make Buri Air Xaadhu more popular. Because, a long time before villagers are illiterate and they can remember all these by poetic method from one generation to another. Lakhshminath Bezbaruah use poetic line in his edited book as the villagers, story taller or the character of the stories says. So we cannot ignore the importance of these lines of Buri Air Xaadhu. Therefore a detailed description and its importance are being made in our research paper.