An Integrated Study On The Phytochemistry And Pharmacognosy Of Various Parts Of Trianthema portulacastrum L.


Elizabeth Robin, School of Science, Navrachna University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Mammen Daniel, Dr. Daniels Laboratories, Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.


Trianthema portulacastrum L. is a well-known medicinal plant of India. As a thorough study on the phytochemical and pharmacognostic characters of various parts of this plant is wanting , a complete and exhaustive study of phytochemical and pharmacognostic characters of all the three different organs like roots, stem and leaves were conducted. Ecdysone was located in all the three parts. Only stem contained the peculiar 5, 2’dihydroxy 7 methoxy 6, 8 dimethyl flavone while the roots and leaves possessed sesuvin and quercetin and similar phenolic acids. Mucilage was abundant in leaves and stem, and to a less extent in roots. Pharmacognostically all the three parts exhibited their distinct characters. Diarch protoxylem, included primary phloem, anomalous spiral thickening, short vessel segments are features of root, whereas the stem possessed reticulate secondary xylem having intraxylary phloem, long broad vessel segments and uniseriate and unicellular trichomes. The leaves are distinct with bundle sheath cells, spongy resembling palisade and unicellular trichomes.