An analysisof the women characters – Rukmini and Nandini in the novel The Collector’s wifeby Mitra Phukan.


Ms. Anjela Daimari, Assistant Professor
Department of English, Satyawati College, University of Delhi. 


Literature from the Northeast India has reflected the realities, challenges of their region. The issues related to politics and insurgency have been the backdrop of most writings. The recent body of works apart from depicting the political unrest deals with other issues too. The women of this region have been the worst victims of such political unrest. The ugly picture of Politics and insurgency is that they have turned the world of women upside down. Issues of Politics and insurgency are somehow inseparable from women’s lives. Mitra Phukan in her novel The Collector’s Wife portrays the plight of women when they become the victims of insurgency apart from the social customs, traditions, norms. The projection of woman in search of new identity, facing adversaries, surviving is some of the new emerging themes apart from the existing themes on the region’s political unrest, bloodshed and so on. This paper is an attempt to analyse the characters – Rukmini and Nandini amidst the backdrop of political unrest and being victims to it.