Algal diversity and physico-chemical parameters of the Gopalaswamy Honda Karnatkaindia


Manikanta G.S., Somashekar G. & Malammanavar
Janasahydrikuvempu University Shankarghatta – 577451, Shivamogga, Karnataka.


This work was carried out to investigate the physico – chemical characterisation and phytoplankton diversity oflentic water-body. To analyse the physico – chemical and phytoplankton diversity, the water sample was collected from different locations Gopalaswamy Honda which is located in Chitradurgafort . This study was carried out during Januvary-2019 to December-2019. Many physico-chemical parameters were studied such as Temperature, pH, acidity, alkalinity, chloride, DO, BOD, etc. Among the various paramaeters studied, DO and BOD plays significant role on phytoplankton diversitry. According to present investigation work the average DO and BOD were 7.48 mg/L and 3.6 mg/L respectively, it is concluded that BOD is not at all harmful to phytoplankton because DO is higher.Duringphytoplanktonic study, it is observed that cyanophyceanmembers were dominant over other groups. Phytoplkanton are more sensitive to pollution than other organisms and used commonly for water quality characterisation Phytoplankton study and monitoring are useful to control the physico-chemical and biological conditions of water.