A Survey on Context-Aware and Context- Adaptable System for Ubiquitous Computing


Sahana S & Karthick Anand Babu A.B (Assistant Professor and Research Supervisor)
Tamil University, Thanjavur, India

Kumaravelan G (Assistant Professor & H.O.D)
Pondicherry University, Puducherry.


The vast area of Human-Computer Interaction has a subdivision domain of ubiquitous computing (ubicomp). A Ubiquitous Computing is an enriched paradigm of embedding computational capability into our everyday lives, providing services and information anywhere with any device and anytime fashion. Ubiquitous computing, that enhanced the context-aware and context-adaptable system to upgrade the smart environment. Injecting context-awareness and context-adaptability into systems has facilitated, increased the level of intelligence and satisfaction. This paper presents the comparative study of various researchers in the domain of ubiquitous computing in different aspects of, a proposed design, methodology, data analysis, and its implementations of context-aware and context-adaptable technologies.