A Study Profile of Special Educational Institutions in Manipur State


Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh (Associate Professor) & Dr. Mayanglambam Prakash Singh
Manipur University, Canchipur – 795003, Manipur, INDIA


It is apt to mention that mainstreaming, in the context of education, is the practice of educating students with special needs in regular classes during specific time periods based on their skills. This means regular education classes are combined with special education classes. Schools that practice mainstreaming believe that students with special needs who cannot function in a regular classroom to a certain extent belong to the special education environment. Access to a special education classroom often called a “selfcontained classroom or resources room” is valuable to the student with a disability. Students can work one-on-one with special education teachers, addressing any need for remediation during the school day. Many researchers, educators, and parents have advocated the importance of these classrooms amongst political environment that favours their elimination. Scholars who are in support of the philosophy of mainstreaming and the related philosophy of educational inclusion are of the opinion that when children with disabilities are providing education alongside normal children enhances their understanding and tolerance and it can help in preparing the students of all abilities to perform better in the outside world beyond the classrooms. It is also firmly believed that disabled students will be able to learn the curriculum of other normal children if they have been given chance to learn together. Studies show that curriculum with disabilities that are mainstreaming have the followings.