A Strategical Analysis and A Comparative Study on DMF


Department of IT, SRM Valliammai Engineering College.
Dr.M.Senthil Kumar
Department of CSE, SRM Valliammai Engineering College.
 Dr.B.Chidhambararajan, Principal/Professor
SRM Valliammai Engineering College.


Nowadays deep learning plays an important role in various understanding tasks. Generally, multiple-modalities offerharmonizing data on the identical scene. A variety of studies shows that deep-multimodal fusion achieves important or notable performance development. These fusion techniques have the advantages of variety of data sources and can generate optimized predictions robotically. This work elaborates the important background technical concepts of DMF (Deep Multimodal Fusion) and existing applications used which is related with it. In addition to that, a systematic assessment on multimodal fusion techniques are provided. A comparative study on existing fusion techniques, its strength and weakness along with its performance and challenges are analyzed. Keywo