A Glimpse on Assamese Oral Literature and Its genres, Sub- genres; Reflection of Assamese Society and Culture through the Oral Literature


Dr. Kabita Deka, Gauhati University.


The tradition which is transmitted orally is known as Folk Literature or Oral Literature. This tradition is transmitted orally basing on the collective memory of their elders. In the ancient Assam Oral Literature has been playing an important role in traditional Assamese society. The folk literature reflects the day to day life, the joys and sorrows of the common people. Assamese oral literature is very resourceful both in quantity and variety. The wealth of the oral literature of Assam is most impressive. Oral literature is mainly produce by the folk society. In fact, oral literature flourished and transmitted from one generation to other by word of mouth. It contains songs, tales, ballads, proverbs, sayings, riddles, folk speech etc. In this research paper an analysis is attempted about the oral literature of Assam and its various sub categories. In the present research paper we try to observe the characteristics of oral literature.