A Framework of E-Recruitment System for Law Enforcement Agencies Government of Pakistan.


Siraj Ahmed Solangi, Riaz Ahmed Shaikh, Khaleeque Ahmed Khashkeli , Samina Rajper , Arbab Ali Solangi, Noor Ahmed Shaikh
Department of Computer Science, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Pakistan.

Zulfiqar Ali Solangi, Education Secotor
Royal Commission for Jubail, Saudi Arabia.


The recruitment process is major challenge for the organisations in these days. Existing methods of recruitment causes various difficulties, such as, job application prices, its documentation, having transparent selection of deserving candidates. Sindh police is one of those organisations having need for a computerised recruitment process to deal with the issues discussed earliest. Purpose of this study is to study and investigate the existing recruitment process and develop a model for e-recruitment in Sindh police. This study is based on 3 qualitative case studies. Data collection including 20 semi-structured interviews form persons working in SindhPolice at different level of working jobs in the organisation. It also includes investigation of internal and external documents having various reports published by SindhPolice.It also includes various reports published in print and electronic media. This study identifies that not having an advanced recruitment process is major issue for SindhPolice. This study contributes in the area of existing research by providing an extend framework for e-recruitment process for organizations proposed by[1]. It also identifies the existing weaknesses in the current process of recruitment in SindhPolice. It provides and effective solution for effective and transparent recruitment in SindhPolice, which guides the management of organisation for effective selection process of the candidates. The proposed research model provides the solution for enhances recruitment process in SindhPolice and provides the solution for creating and storing an applicantprofile account, create and announces departmental vacancies, automated system validation for short listing conditions as per given departmental rule of recruitment process,tracking automated physical (running, jumping)examination by using RFID technologies.