Teachers’ Significant Roles in Bringing up a Nation


Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh (Associate Professor) & Naorem Norjit Meitei
Manipur University, Canchipur-79500, INDIA


Teachers play a significant role in bringing up the development of a nation in general as well as for qualitative improvement of the overall education system of a society. They are the teachers who inspire and encourage the student to strive for greatness, give shape for the future and nurture their talents and potentials. They are very needed because they provide guidance, knowledge, and right direction to the students who are the future nation builders. Teachers are the shapers or builders of the nation. It is well said that the quality of a nation depends on the quality of its citizens, the quality of its citizens depends on the quality of its system of education and the quality of the system of education of the nation depends on the quality of its teachers. No system of education is better unless there is no effective, efficient, sincere and dedicative teacher. They play a crucial role in the development of a country and the rest of the failure or the success of the educational system depends on him. So, they play a very important role in the social reconstruction and transmission of knowledge, experience, values and wisdom from one generation to another generation. It is called the real teacher who can shape and mould the behaviour of the young to become an effective, efficient and productive citizen of the nation. The National Policy on Education (1986), rightly said that “The status of the teachers reflects the socio-cultural ethos of a society. It is said that no people